vFlexManager 4ITR
Keep track of your infrastructure!
vFlexManager 4ITR
Do you know how many servers do you have in your data center?
How easy can you find out?
And how many contractors, employees and temporary staff had logged on to 7 out of your 15 web servers during the weekends in the past 3 months? If the last question seems a bit complicated, but you need the information immediately - you would like vFlexManager4ITR. Many equally or even more complex queries can be done, using the intuitive and user friendly interface. And the data is at your fingertips - with standard reporting forms and formats - you would never feel you are out of touch with your infrastructure.

vFlexManager4ITR® support and maintenance plans:

• Basic: Email with up to 1 business day response
• Silver: Mon-Fri, 9-5, up to 4 hours response time
• Gold: 24/7/365
• Platinum: Gold level + assigned account support person